The path on which the costumer reaches

the product is subject to constant change. It can be long,

but should never get troublesome.

We design all media along the Consumer Pathway.

We develop content, design und functionality consequently from

a shoppers point of view.

Still keeping an eye on the perception of a brand,

we further evolve it for new applications.

The Dube-Team. The direct connection to your creative sparring partners.

Advertising and Design Agency – Munich

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Art Direction/Teamleitung


Eduard Sommerfeld

Media Designer IHK (CCI)


Contact person for design and technology


Creative Direction


Dietrich Dube

Academy of Fine Arts (Akad. d. B. K.) Frankfurt/Main


Owner, contact person for strategy, conception and design

3D Artist/Designer


Vera Hiendl

Graduate Designer FH (UAS)


Contact person for design and 3D animation

3D Artist/Designer


Michael Schiffelholz

BA Interactive Media


Contact person for 3D and film

Art Direction/Project Management


Sonja März (freelance)

Graduate Product Designer


Contact person for PoS and design


Project Management



Sylvia Willax (freelance)


Contact person for photography



Kerstin Tonscheck (freelance)
Masters degree

Contact/Project Management


Teresa Steidl
Marketing Graduate (BAW, German academy for marketing and communication)

… and additional talents and partners in the fields of communication design and conception, brand management and strategy, copy and photography, 3D, film and animation, product design and shop design, and web design and programming are ready to support you in your communication activities to ensure that they are not only impressive but also efficient.



We are dube. visual communication and we look forward to hearing from you.



Feel free to call us:  +49 (0)89 78 57 67 30

If required, we can call on the support of a senior advisor who knows each and every aspect of the business.


Strategic Marketing Consultant (freelance)




Fontainebleau (MP)

A pragmatic freethinker and first-class initiator, Richard Weidenbach was responsible for marketing and communication at BSH Hausgeräte (Bosch Siemens household appliances) for a long time, for a reason. He set up the globally active marketing and communications departments and was entrusted with the responsibility of developing and managing the global brand portfolio strategy for the Bosch, Siemens, Ufesa, Pitsos and Zelmer brands. He was also in charge of the marketing development budget for this portfolio.



We design all media for the pathway: from the consumer to the product and support the product on its way to the point of sale.

We design all media along the Consumer Pathway

dube Werbeagentur

Your message in times of data-driven advertising.



Images and text are not only the most important elements in ads and banners but also vital channels when it comes to visual information transfer and processing for human beings. Visual media – images and text – complement each other in a very special way.

Images touch us instantly on an emotional level. At first, we perceive the outlines, then we see the details. We can hardly avoid being affected by their impact because this is a technology of evolution, which we share with most living beings. Text, on the other hand, is a cultural technique that we have to learn at school with a great deal of effort. In the first instance, the alphabet is completely unemotional. Text is exhausting and demands greater or less concentration.

As a result, this channel is considerably slower but also more differentiated. In fact, again what evokes emotions when we read are only the images that develop in our heads.


What happened?


Today, we live in a world that is increasingly organized by further languages – BASIC, C, C++, COBOL, Forth, FORTRAN, Haskel, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Prolog, Python, Simula, etc. Similar to our genetic code, these languages of our times cannot be decoded by us “normal individuals”, neither consciously nor subconsciously. They are languages used for communication between machines or biological systems. They can only store information and content from or about us, which we or others can actually use.

But these languages do not address us because our conscious processing power (approx. 40 bits per second according to Scheier and Held) is far too limited. Our evolutionary development – that is to say our genetic code, which takes thousands of years to develop – does not have the slightest chance of keeping up with the fast cultural language development for machines.

What does this mean in practice for those of us working in advertising or marketing?


Our target group – the single “normal individual” – is increasingly living in a world which he can actually hardly understand anymore. The reason this works so easily and smoothly is that the services are specifically tailored to each and every “normal individual’s brain”. This gives power to us commercial players. Even, or especially, as an advertising agency we can make use of and benefit from these great services – marketing platforms, social media sites, image generation technologies, design tools and stock photo agencies. Data-driven advertising guarantees direct access to the consumer.

But the consumer himself uses the same technologies at least as successfully when he activates ad blockers, decides against cookies, reviews our products on the internet and exchanges views and experiences with other consumers.


Conclusion: There is no way around the single consumer.



Our task as a creative agency, advertising agency or PR agency, client consultant, graphic designer, copywriter or conceptual designer is all the more clear as a result of all of this. We must select and develop our channels, media and messages in such a way that the consumer – a single person with an individual account and individual motives – is able to and wants to process and manage these channels, media and messages himself. And this will only happen if he feels his motives are being genuinely addressed.

We therefore have no option but to continue to apply ourselves and our creativity to this topic. This is quite exhausting. But it is a basic challenge of advertising and communication which we cannot change any more than we can change ourselves.


PS: So it might take a little while before we can “import” an entire instruction manual into the brain of the consumer in only 2 seconds. Actually, we’re not even sure we really want to do this at all.



Advertising and Design Agency

dube. visuelle kommunikation / Hofmannstr. 5 / 81379 Munich

+49 (89) 78 57 67 30

dube visuelle kommunikation


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